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Saturday, September 27th, 2014

11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Kite Field, Port of Brookings-Harbor

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raining cats and dogs drop 10-5-2013




Raining cats and dogs!

Written by Jane Stebbins, Pilot staff writer
October 09, 2013 08:15 am
The Pilot/Bill Schlichting

Onlookers ducked in excitement as Dan Brattain's helicopter swooped over the Kite Field at the Port of Brookings Harbor Saturday, dumping thousands of little rubber kitties and puppies onto a target painted on the grass below.

Whomever's critter bounced closest to the center would win. There would be only one — Meg Claflin of Brookings — to walk away with the $5,000 cash prize. And there were five more swipes to drop 3,000 cats and dogs as part of the Rotary Club's inaugural Raining Cats and Dogs fundraiser.

"Since 2008, the Ducky Derby has raised more than $100,000 for community projects," said Rotary Club President Jan Ramelli. "Because sponsors help us with the operating cost of the race, every adoption dollar goes to a community project."

The event raised $14,000 this year, up about $4,000 from last year's last Ducky Derby that the cats and dogs drop replaced. The money will go to various Rotary Club projects, including third grade swimming lessons, the food pantry at the high school and the distribution of dictionaries.

After the fly-bys, cat and dog adopters stood behind the yellow tape, anxiously awaiting the outcome. Three officials, one armed with an oversized caliper, measured — again and again — the location of each cat and dog in the first target circle.

Other winners included Velma Wadsworth, Mark Jordan, Lana Walker, Jeanna Taylor, Patricia Bergeron, Matt Mere, Tony Martin, Stacy Kreger, Ann Moore, Dana Hoover, Marty Glazebrook, Sally Laasch, Michael Hansen, Irene Grassi, Cheryl Bontrager, Beth Liles, Delores Young, Matt Mjelde, Nancy Vanderlinden, Vicki Munyon, Rose Percival, Dee Dee Mrozinski, Rich Thibault, Janet Pretti, Jimmy McMillian, Keith Kolimaga, Donna Ostrowski, Luck Films and Tiffanie Hodge


Ducky Derby Move Over – It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

For the past five years, the Brookings-Harbor Rotary Club has raised over $120,000 for community projects, ranging from the Food Pantry, to Sole Mates, and giving free dictionaries to Kalmiopsis 3rd graders. The community fundraising for these projects has been generated largely due to the Ducky Derby fundraising efforts.  

At the first organizational meeting for the 2013 Rotary fundraiser, club members decided to bring a whole new look to the fundraising derby, and that meant – no more ducks. Members have been meeting weekly to plan this new event and make it even more successful than past derbies. “The ducks have to go,” stated Jan Ramelli, Brookings-Harbor Rotary President. “For 2013, it is “Raining Cats & Dogs”; we want to bring more emphasis to our local community. We anticipate this change will result in an even more successful fundraiser, resulting in more monies going to our local communities.”

“The southern Oregon coast is well known for the amount of rain we receive,” added Ramelli. “As a result, we felt this theme was more fitting with our community, and also, this will be lots more fun! We are replacing the ducks and working with local companies on logos and imprint information. These are just a few of the details that will make this new fundraiser more successful for all involved.”

To accomplish these projects Rotary meets every Tuesday at noon at the Sea View Senior Living Center. If you are interested in learning more about Rotary, contact any member for more information or call Bryan Tillung, current Rotary President, at 541-254-1973.


A ducky farewell from Webster

In the last five years, the Quack Attack Team and I have hosted Rotary Ducky Derby at Loeb State Park, raising over $110,000. Our 2012 Ducky Queen Bonnie Northrup, Rotary President Jan Ramelli, and I thank our generous sponsors, businesses donating prizes, in-kind contributors, and numerous volunteers.

Every Duck Adoption Dollar benefitted countless children in our community. Thank you Adopter Parents! Together we added stock to local food pantries for hungry children, awarded scholarships, bought shoes for needy children, provided swim lessons for all third graders… the list goes on.

Local non-profit partners used Duck Derby Dollars to support their services. Thank you non-profits.

My retirement was not an easy decision. Did you know the school children named me for the annual Rotary gift of Webster Dictionaries to every third grader? I love my name. I loved puffing myself up to promote every Ducky Derby.

Don’t be sad about my retirement. I’ve enjoyed working with your Rotarians. We made our decision, allowing me to retire, for good reasons. It was great fun being Rotary’s icon. I can’t wait for Rotary to introduce their “Raining Cats and Dogs” icons. You will love them!

In the meantime, look for me somewhere else in Brookings. I’m hoping to be invited to sit at the VIP tent in the Brookings Harbor Port when Dan Brattain of CAL OR Life Flight makes it rain “Cats and Dogs” on Saturday, October 5, 2013. I’m excited! Mark your calendars. Please!


Brookings Harbor Rotary Club